Dyeing & Laboratory: The first stage of the dye house is the chemical laboratory where recipes of all colors are prepared. Health care and color fastness results are always considered in detail.

The dyeing capacity is 360 tonnes/per month

Spinning: Spinning capacity is 1200 tonnes OE Yarn /per month

Weaving: Weaving Capacity is 180.000 pcs blankets /per month

Sewing: We make three kinds of confection types which are fringe, overlock, and binding.

R&D: Saçlı Textile R & D Department’s mission is to be a leader in technology, working with qualified personnel, creating own concepts, and catching up with new trends and designs.

Quality Control: Within our company, a quality control system of many stages is applied in-house to manage all processes before and after production correctly and precisely to cover the customer expectations of flawless and continuous quality.

The dyeing capacity is 360 tonnes/per month