About Us

Saçlı Tekstil was established in 1993, in Istanbul.

It is a fully integrated facility which performs production of dying, spinning, twisting ,weaving, raising, confection and also processes quality controls in-house.

The total factory area is 145.000 m² with 500 employees.

Our major product groups are; cotton-acrylic and acrylic blankets, rugs, piques ,open end yarn and fiber.

Saçlı Tekstil has stabilized a high quality by using our own produced yarns with weaving looms and dye house machinery with latest technology.

Saçlı’s significant plus is the design and R&D department.  Each year we create our own collection with highest demands of clients. Besides, individual customer designs can be developed together.

The company is focused on export as core business and also trades with 40 countries all over the world. It produces blankets, rugs, piques ,yarn, fiber for its customers, as well as for retail chains,

The principal dynamics of Saçlı Tekstil are the excellence in production quality and capacity, high service level and precision in environment and human health.


145.000 m2

Customer Satisfaction



31 years