40 years of success...

Our company is started its business with the purchase and sale of raw materials, in today; established 5.000 M2 at Istanbul , 50.000 m2 at Usak , total 55.000 m2 at closed area and using the latest technology in modern and integrated facilities. ® SACLI ® NURSA trademarks are known for on the blanket, open end yarn, pique , rugs and fiber production in various specifications by making continues. Our products, manufactured in accordance with customer demands, with the consideration of price/quality compliance, convenient and healthy use, are required by local market and overseas.

In light of its structure open to continuous development and sectorel know-how with our sensitivity in human, society and nature , 50% of total production is exported, and with new investments being made in addition to existing investments, our company takes steps towards creating employment and contributing to the country's economy, which is its main goal.

Cüneyt SAÇLI

Vision & Mission


Producing is our biggest goal. Each part of our corporate strategy is aimed at achieving this main goal. We create all our performance criteria and motivation programs in line with this goal.

Long-term and healthy growth

We continue our efforts to increase profitability with the philosophy of continuous productivity increase and cost reduction, to act with the fact that only innovations or productivity increase are not enough, and with the awareness that a healthy company should be successful in both areas.

Continuous Development

Our continuous development philosophy is, productivity and customer-focused work have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.